Info Pane

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To help during the development of Fewbricks, the Fewbricks Info Pane was created. It may also come in handy when developing with Fewbricks. When activated using the filter fewbricks/info_pane/display, an info pane will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. This can be expanded to display info that can help you debugging when using Fewbricks.

How to use

Besides the filters detailed under filters, you can also interact with the Info Pane in the following ways:

Force full height

If you have enabled the Info Pane, you can pass “fewbricks-info-pane-height” in the URL as a $_GET variable. For example https://fewbricks.test/?fewbricks-info-pane-height=100. The value should represent the desired height in VH unit. This way, you can work with one window/tab displaying all the debug info and another one (where you have not sent the $_GET variable) displaying for example the admin area where the pane is minimized so you can see what is really going on.

ACF arrays

This section of the Fewbricks Info Pane will display the arrays that Fewbricks will ultimately pass to acf_add_local_field_group().

This section can be toggled using the filter fewbricks/info_pane/acf_arrays/display_all or by using set_display_in_fewbricks_info_pane(true) when creating a field group.

$field_group = new \Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroup('A field group', '1811262137a');

If you are using the pane to display ACF arrays, please know that Fewbricks is checking if dump() is available and if it is not, falls back to print_r(). So I highly recommend installing var-dumper to get the most out of the Fewbricks Info Pane.