Field Groups

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Every field in ACF (and therefore also Fewbricks) must belong to a field group.

Note that you should strive to use the action ‘fewbricks/init’ to start off all your Fewbricks related code. This way you can be sure that ACF and Fewbricks is ready. If you, for some reason, can not use that action, you will most likely be ok anyway.

add_action('fewbricks/init', function() {
    // Register fields and field groups and/or call your PHP classes here.

Example code

Below you will find some simple demo code to show you how to get started. For a more advanced OOP approach, how to use Bricks for layouts, how to display the data and more tips and tricks check out The Fewbricks Demo Theme.

The code assumes that you have written the code in Fields and have access to the variables created there.


namespace FewbricksDemo;

use Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroup;
use Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroupLocationRule;
use Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroupLocationRuleGroup;
use Fewbricks\ACF\Fields\Email;;

(new FieldGroup('Main content', '1811252128a'))
    (new FieldGroupLocationRuleGroup())
            new FieldGroupLocationRule('post_type', '==', 'post')
  ->add_field($favourite_character) // Add a single field or...
  ->add_fields([ // ...add multiple fields.
    // Create an inline field
    (new Email('Enter your e-mail for a chance to win!', 'e_mail', '1811281100a'))

In the example above, we have created a field group with just a couple of lines of code. Since FieldGroup is a class in Fewbricks, you could create your own field group classes and have them extend FieldGroup like so:


namespace FewbricksDemo\FieldGroups;

use Fewbricks\ACF\Text;
use Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroup;
use Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroupLocationRule;
use Fewbricks\ACF\FieldGroupLocationRuleGroup;

class Content extends FieldGroup

    public function set_up()

            (new Text('Headline', 'column_1_headline', '1811292314a'))

            (new FieldGroupLocationRuleGroup())
                new FieldGroupLocationRule('post_type', '==', 'page')
                new FieldGroupLocationRule('post_type', '==', 'post')




Then you could create and register the field group by calling (new Content('Content', '1812010004a'') ->set_up().

Constructor arguments

new FieldGroup('Label', 'key')


The label of the field group which will be used when showing the field group in the backend.


The second argument when creating a field group is a key that must be unique across the site. Check the FAQ for more on keys.

ACF settings

Check Fields for info on ACF settings.

Fewbricks functions

Besides setting and getting all the ACF settings, the following functions are available for you to interact with field groups. For info on which arguments to pass to each function, please refer to each functions docblock or body in the code.


add_field() - add a field to the field group.

add_fields() - add fields to the field group.

add_field_to_beginning() and add_fields_to_beginning()

remove_fields_by_key(), remove_field_by_key(), remove_field_by_name() and remove_fields_by_name() - remove fields

add_field_after_field_by_name(), add_fields_after_field_by_name(), add_field_before_field_by_name() and add_fields_before_field_by_name() - same as above but add field/fields instead of Bricks.

replace_field_by_key() and replace_field_by_name() - replace existing field.

get_fields() - get all the fields that has been added to the field group.

get_field_by_name() - get a field by the name of the field.

set_field_labels_prefix() - send a string to prefix the labels of all the fields in the group with.

set_field_names_prefix() - send a string to prefix the names of all the fields in the group with.


add_brick() - read more about Bricks under Bricks.

add_brick_before_by_name() and add_brick_after_field_by_name() - add a Brick before/after an existing field by sending the name of the field to add before/after.


remove_brick_by_key() and remove_brick_by_name() - remove all fields that were added to a field group from a brick.


add_arguments() and add_argument() - add arbitrary arguments that you can use if you for example are using classes to extend Fewbricks FieldGroup class.

get_argument() - retrieve an argument previously added to the field group.

clear_location_rule_groups() - remove all location rules that have been set on the field group.

set_show_in_fewbricks_info_pane() - have info about the field group show up in Fewbricks Info Pane.

set_title() - change the title of the field group.