Fields - Extensions

Fewbricks comes with support for all fields available in ACF except the clone field (check the FAQ if you want to know why) and some extensions. But maybe you have found an extension at, for example, Awesome ACF or maybe you have written a new field type yourself? Either way, if you want to use a field type that is not supported by Fewbricks, you will need to write some custom code for it to work with Fewbricks. Check src/ACF/Fields/Extensions/_template.php for full code and what you can do. Also be sure to check out the code for the extensions that Fewbricks supports out of the box.

Note that some extensions are not testing if settings are set before using their names as indexes in arrays which will cause fatal errors. Check the code for AcfCodeField on how we fix that by implementing the to_acf_array-function in the field class.

Supported extensions in Fewbricks core

Fewbricks comes with field classes to support the extensions listed below. Note that you have to install the extension before using the corresponding Fewbricks class for it.